Learn About Using the Power Liftgate and Smart Liftgate on your Hyundai Vehicle

August 9th, 2023 by

Hyundai Power Liftgate & Smart Liftgate Video

Packed with fantastic technology and upgraded features, the latest Hyundai vehicles offer a seamless journey experience. One feature that makes your day-to-day driving life more convenient is the Power & Smart Liftgate in your Hyundai vehicle. Whether you have your hands full or want to streamline your routine, the Power Liftgate feature allows you to easily open and close the liftgate to access the cargo area. The Smart Liftgate adds an extra layer of sophistication by utilizing advanced sensor technology. When your hands are full, just approach the vehicle’s rear area with the key fob in your pocket or bag, and the liftgate will automatically open, providing seamless access to your cargo space. Learn the different methods and adjustments to use these Liftgate features in this blog by Stockton Hyundai in Stockton, CA. Keep scrolling to watch the Hyundai Power Liftgate & Smart Liftgate video tutorial.

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